Welcome to Carmichael’s!

We are dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations in providing the greatest quality and values in all of our products, supplies and services.

Company History

For over 100 years, Carmichael’s, has incorporated new products, services, and technologies in order to better serve our customers. From a simple beginning in 1903 in downtown Monroe with simple remedies, tonics, and cure-alls has evolved to offering high tech pharmacy services such as in-home I.V. therapy, pain management and counseling, diabetic education, customized breathing treatments and medications, quality home medical equipment, a staff of highly qualified professional pharmacist, respiratory therapists, as well as dedicated and caring managers eager to meet the needs of their patients.


Family-owned and operated, Carmichael’s is here to serve you with the timely prescriptions fills, quality equipment, and expert advice. When you count on us to care, our staff is available 24 hours a day, everyday. One phone call is all it takes to receive information or initiate service.


We provide on-site evaluations with family and patient on products and services available according to diverse physical and economic needs. we supply and provide our patients with the most current equipment available. We work closely with our patients, their families and caregivers to ensure the best quality of life is awarded with the equipment chosen for their needs.


Over the years things have changed, but one thing remains the same … our commitment to provide our clients, customers, and patients the top quality products and superior services they have come to expect, for over 100 years, from the entire staff at the Carmichael’s — You can count on us!